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Migrating cache comparison routines to NorthernCross/Cache::Apt

I'm making progress on porting the old sqlite comparison code to the new
Cache::Apt:: packages derived from NorthernCross. The first comparison
I've done is to prepare a cache from the Emdebian target repository and
a cache from the host apt sources.list repositories, identify unique
source package names, handle the emdebian version string and create
three arrays of the results.
(actual script output):

The following packages are older in Emdebian than in Debian:
acl apt atk1.0 attr base-files base-passwd bsdmainutils busybox bzip2
cdebconf coreutils cpio dash debianutils devmapper dhcp3 dialog
diffutils dpkg e2fsprogs ed expat file findutils gcc-4.2 glib2.0 glibc
grep gzip iptables iputils libdatrie libdebian-installer libjpeg6b
libpng libselinux libsepol libtasn1-3 libthai libxml2 lsb mktemp
module-init-tools nano ncurses netbase pam procps readline5 sed shadow
sqlite sysvinit tar tcp-wrappers traceroute tzdata update-inetd
util-linux wget x11proto-core xorg zlib
The following packages are newer in Emdebian than in Debian:

The following packages are the same version in Emdebian as in Debian:
cracklib2 cron fontconfig ifupdown libsigc++-2.0 libx11 libxau libxdmcp
logrotate lzo makedev mawk net-tools netcat openbsd-inetd popt qof tiff

Next step is to migrate this code to the toolchain repository and
produce output for those packages, then pipe those to edos-debcheck.

I should have a replacement for the cachecompare script and the HTML
results soon. Getting the cache details of any of these packages is
just a case of calling 
$package_struct = $sources{$name};

So this should also be able to replace the PHP/sqlite code too
(although PHP can't be used so it means porting the scripts to perl
and using a cgi-bin too).


It is this kind of support that I intend to make available via CPAN so
that there is a simple way of dealing with libapt-pkg-perl outside
apt-cross. The complication with that, at the moment, is that the code
to check that the specified $arch is a usable string comes from
dpkg-cross pre2 (libdebian-dpkgcross-perl) so I'll find a way to drop
that dependency and replace it with dpkg-architecture via dpkg-dev.


Neil Williams

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