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apt-cross 0.2.9

Current SVN for apt-cross is now ready but has a few requirements:

1. Patches to dpkg-dev to support the removal of the diversions. See
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=439979#10 (note the id
to link to the second message to the bug to get the right patches).
These are only outline patches - a working precursor to the real
packages. The upload that closes 439979 is almost certain to not use
the actual patches included in the bug report - those are yet to be
written. :-)

2. Current CVS for dpkg-cross to build -pre2 that relies on the patched

3. New dependencies.
   3.1 : binutils-multiarch - to remove the diversions (dpkg-cross)
   3.2 : libfile-temp-perl, libconfig-auto-perl, libfile-homedir-perl for dpkg-cross
   3.3 : libwww-perl, libapt-pkg-perl for apt-cross.

The next dpkg upload is too soon to include our changes but the next
upload (in about two weeks) will include the necessary support. This
version may also involve the migration of all cross-config.$arch files
and the gccross script (or something based upon it) into dpkg-dev,
reducing the dpkg-cross package to just the cross-compile.sample config
file (which itself has much reduced usage) and the dpkg-cross script

Once dpkg includes the support, dpkg-cross -pre2 will be uploaded to
experimental and apt-cross 0.2.9 to NEW, destined for experimental.

Upon installation, dpkg-cross >= 1.99+2.0.0pre2 will remove the
diversions for dpkg-buildpackage and dpkg-shlibdeps.
(binutils-multiarch will add some diversions of its own but not
including these scripts.)

After a short time in experimental (long enough for apt-cross to get
through NEW and for a few final tests in emdebian-tools), dpkg-cross
-pre2 will become 2.0.0 in unstable and apt-cross 0.2.9 will become
0.3.0 in unstable. emdebian-tools 0.4.0 will also then be uploaded to
unstable - it doesn't include any NEW packages and doesn't involve as
many changes so there's no need to put it into experimental.

Once dpkg-cross 2.0.0 is in unstable, only one old bug will remain
against dpkg-cross : 285569 (building perl-$arch-cross). I can't say
that cross-building perl is a particular priority for me so I suspect
this bug will persist until the core dpkg-cross functionality is ready
to be migrated into dpkg itself - at which point the changes required
to perform the migration may well introduce new problems as well as
close old ones.

apt-cross now includes a README entry denoting that apt-cross is a
short lifespan package - due for removal once the dpkg-cross migration
is at a suitable stage to warrant simultaneous multi-architecture
support in apt itself.

BTW: dpkg are also considering migrating update-alternatives,
dpkg-divert and dpkg-statoverride to C from perl which would allow
embedded systems to use these functions without the penalty of
installing perl. One more step towards removing Perl from
Essential:. :-)


Neil Williams

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