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Re: Building embedded arm on a NSLU2

Hi Back,

Am 2007-07-31 19:00:44, schrieb Neil Williams:
> On Tue, 31 Jul 2007 19:22:09 +0200
> Michelle Konzack <linux4michelle@freenet.de> wrote:
> > My PRIMARY need is an Ultra-Light Workstation with "fvwm".
> That will take longer. My first target is Gtk. So far, we don't have it
> and lots of dependent libraries simply fail to cross-build. Fixing
> those is a *lot* of work and fvwm will need most of those currently
> problematic packages.

Why are you so fixed to crossbuildin?
Would it no be better, if we can get it natively?
(even if it build slower)

> Then there are the problems with autobuilding updated packages because
> the packages that I have built so far are getting increasingly out of
> date.

Since I build customized Packages for some customers, I run
into the same problem with i386, amd64, is64 and powerpc.

I am realy behind...

> > The biggest problem is, to find the right Hardware/Software combination.
> ? Right now there is very little software and plenty of hardware.

Rightm but if you buy the false Hardware, maybe the baseinstall of
Emdebian is working on it, but can you be sure, it can run Xorg with

Sometimes I have found realy curios problems where all is working fine
except ONE key-application. 

> > I need maximum hardware security and low power consumation which requires
> > experience... and time.
> Now this confuses me - Emdebian is not about low power consumption, it
> is about small installed size. Running an Emdebian package will require
> exactly the same amount of computer cycles as the normal Debian package

Right, but since I do not need the power of a Sempron 2200+ (which is
my smalles machine) I can switch to a geode or somethin similar with
500MHz get much energy savings for the same Job I do in the Sempron.

I do not know, HOW heavy I use my Sempron 2200+ but I think, I use its
performance only to 10-20%.

> on the same machine because it is the same binary. What we save is
> installed size, allowing the same code onto smaller devices and
> simplifying the dependency chain to fit. 

Right, I need to decrease the size of my computers...
ONE MIDI-Tower can be replaced with 4-8 SBC's...

Today morning I have gotten the 2"5 Hitachi-Drives with 120 GByte
and the 3Ware 8500-8LP contoller.  This is only "BIG" computer
(PentiumM 800MHz) which will be my fileserver and it fit in a
µATX case...

Currently I fill TWO 42U 19"-Racks Which can never be mobile.

Using SBC's based on ARM, MIPS, Geode or PentiumM will reduce it
to a singel 20U Rack.

> Low power consumption is a different goal that requires other kernel
> stuff on CPU speeds and other hardware bits. (I leave all that to others
> on this list who know far more than I do about hardware issues.)
> Installing Emdebian will not magically turn a power-mad machine into a
> low power device.

Right, but I need the combination of Emdebian and power saving.

Since I have gotten some PM's yesterday, it seems I am not alone with
the idea to live mobil... with the need for foll blown Mobil-Hardware
from Server to Workstations and communication systems...

I will buy I new GlobelSat System in form of a PCI-Card which is in
the same time a router and can be accessed like an VIA Ethernet
Interface.  It consumes only 36 Watt without the LNB...  My current
system 148 Watt (including LNB) using a 160cm Parabole.

Thanks, Greetings and nice Day
    Michelle Konzack

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