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Re: conflict between arm binutils and libc6-2.6

On Tue, 24 Jul 2007 03:26:14 +0100
Wookey <wookey@aleph1.co.uk> wrote:

> My testing machine has become rather broken. The core of the issue
> seem to be that the new glibc6-2.6 conflicts with
> binutils-arm-linux-gnu:

Zumbi: we need to include a patch for binutils to solve this.


I can't see where this path is constructed. :-(

There is a bigger problem here too - what was decided about /usr/lib64 ?

/usr/lib64 -> lib

Basically, I don't think our binutils-foo builds should be allowing any
installation into /usr/lib64, just /usr/lib/ and if processes want to
find /usr/lib64/foo the symlink will do the job for us.

> wookey@eisluft:/var/cache/apt/archives$ sudo dpkg -i libc6_2.6-2_amd64.deb 
> (Reading database ... 105532 files and directories currently installed.)
> Preparing to replace libc6 2.5-9 (using libc6_2.6-2_amd64.deb) ...
> Unpacking replacement libc6 ...
> dpkg: error processing libc6_2.6-2_amd64.deb (--install):
>  trying to overwrite /usr/lib64', which is also in package binutils-arm-linux-gnu
> Errors were encountered while processing:
>  libc6_2.6-2_amd64.deb
> Not quite sure what is going on, but it looks like something we need
> to attend to in our toolchain builds.

IMHO binutils should not be putting anything into /usr/lib64

For now, the fix is presumably dpkg --force-all to restore a working system.


Neil Williams

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