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Re: More probs with ARM toolchain install

On Sat, 21 Jul 2007 15:59:30 +0100
Colin Tuckley <colin@tuckley.org> wrote:

> After updating my lenny box today my toolchain is again broken.

There are problems but I do not think that this is one of them.

> while attempting to build the balloon bootloader file boot-pxa.s I get:
> boot-pxa.s:37:27: error: linux/linkage.h: No such file or directory
> The source file tries to include linux/linkage.h which doesn't exist on my
> system (although it used to I believe).

linux-kernel-headers has been replaced by linux-libc-dev which no
longer contains this file. That is a bug in the package - it needs to
be updated to work with the latest libc6 (which, in turn, means a 2.6 kernel).

You could reinstate linux-kernel-headers but that would only hide the
real issue, IMHO. (Reinstalling the native and cross version of
linux-kernel-headers may or may not work - I think the dependencies are
such that you would have to break other parts of the system.)

> Anyone got any ideas about the way forward? or do I just need to wait until
> gcc sorts itself out?

Sorry, I do not see this as a toolchain issue - it is a bug in the package.


Neil Williams

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