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gcc-4.2 4.2-20070627-1em1 arm in repository

OK, the first reverse cross build of gcc-4.2 is in the emdebian target
repository. There remain issues with the package - the complex layered
Debian build configuration complicates the normal emdebian handling.
There are *large* -doc packages which seem to continually reappear even
when supposedly disabled, there is a dependency of libgcc1 on
gcc-4.2-base which is spurious and adds a needless 200kb to the rootfs.

(reverse_cross => build != host && host == target compared to a normal
cross compiler => build == host && host != target, hence 'reverse'. A
full canadian  => build != host && host != target compared to a native
compiler build => build == host && host == target completing the set).

I'll be uploading emdebian-tools 0.2.5 later tonight which contains
fixes that were developed during this process.


The REVERSE_CROSS handling has been submitted as a bug request to gcc:

The -doc packages appear to be generated from debian/control.m4 but
hacking that file is complicated because it is a series of nested
strings. Any error in the 1,000 line file only ever gets reported as an
error on line 64, which is helpful!

So this is an alpha build - there will be more upstream releases of
gcc-4.2 soon anyway as it becomes the default Debian compiler in
unstable so there will be more chances to optimise the build. Right
now, the most useful thing would be if gcc-4.2-base could either be
dropped or made into an empty file - it only contains stuff that
emdebian-tools normalls drops like changelogs, copyright and README
stuff. If there is an easy way to disable this stuff in the complex gcc
Debian packaging, let me know. Only certain packages from the gcc-4.2
build are affected.


Neil Williams

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