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Re: uclibc support reference implementation, take 1


Ron wrote:

First off, big thanks to everyone for the behind the scenes "bar talk",
you all know who you are and what you've said, so I'll get straight to
the fruit of that discussion:

I have a reference uclibc toolchain built now, which we can use to
prove any modifications that might be desirable before we start bugging
people with patches to apply to Debian tools.

Sweet!  :)

uclibc 0.9.29.  This is a new upstream source, with the SLIND patch
and packaging wrapped around it.

There was a recent issue with uclibc and the mmap system call for ARM. Some discussion was in this thread:


In particular this:


According to this, the fix is in but the date suggests that it's post-0.9.29:


Long story short, you might want to go with a later uClibc. A broken mmap() can create lots of subtle problems. :)



Bill Gatliff

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