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Cross-compiling for Win32

Dear Debian Embedded Developers,
in the last 7 days I created a nice script whose version 1.0
I'm releasing now to the public:

This script compiles a MinGW cross compiler and cross compiles
many free libraries such as GD and SDL. Thus, it provides a nice
MinGW cross compiling environment. All necessary source packages
are downloaded automatically.
Difference to similar scripts and projects:
* kept very simple (not cryptic),
  thus easy to adapt and to extend

* builds many free libraries in addition to the cross compiler
* directly uses official source packages,
  thus ensuring the whole build mechanism is transparent
* downloads all needed packages

* is able to retrieve the new version numbers of all packages
* creates libraries to be statically linked,
  no DLL hell

Have fun!



Volker Grabsch
NotJustHosting GbR

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