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Re: PowerPC toolchain builds

On Mon, Jun 18, 2007, Mark Brown wrote:
> During the talk today Neil said that there was a need for a machine that
> could be used for building the PowerPC toolchains.  I have a Mac Cube
> that I'm not otherwise using which could be dedicated to this task and
> Neil suggested that I should mail the list.
> It's not the fastest machine on the planet but it is capable of running
> stably for extended periods of time without worrying about load.  I
> can't host it on anything better than a standard consumer DSL,
> unfortunately.

   I also have a 1GHz G4 (only 256 MB RAM though) on a DSL line that I
can give access to if necessary. It already hosts a PowerPC build bot
for a few free software projects but they have low traffic and it can
handle a lot more.


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