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Toolchain transition problems

There is still no suitable set of packages in Debian unstable that can
be used to form the basis of an updated Emdebian toolchain. Even though
the packages themselves have now built on the relevant architectures,
some still have to complete the update and the cross-build of gcc-4.2
still fails.

Is this to be expected? Will the same thing happen with gcc-4.3 etc.?

In order to retain some kind of up to date toolchain without repeated
false starts and failed builds, is it better to base the toolchains on
Debian testing? This would necessarily mean building Emdebian packages
against Debian testing - at least until such time as it becomes
possible to update the Emdebian toolchain packages.

Even with pinning, maintaining a mixed Debian/Emdebian build machine is
getting quite complex - certain packages needed for other Debian builds
are not being upgraded due to the pinning necessary to retain the
Emdebian toolchain based on gcc-4.1.

The pbuilder chroot (empdebuild) is similarly affected and care is
needed to prevent the Emdebian toolchain being removed from the chroot
at every opportunity.

I'm thinking that the chroot (at least) will have to be based solely on
Debian testing just so that the toolchain has a longer period in full
sync with the Debian bootstrap.

Right now, empdebuild cannot create a usable chroot automatically - my
amd64 cross-building chroot required considerable hacking (including a
downgrade to testing and subsequent upgrade to unstable) just to get
the Emdebian toolchain installed and pinned.

I'll look at extending empdebuild to support creating a testing chroot
as well as unstable (using the underlying pbuilder code).


Neil Williams

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