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secure apt and emdebian-tools

Just wondering, is it worth creating an emdebian-archive-keyring - not
as a separate package (not worth it) but as a component of
emdebian-tools such that it can added to apt-key automatically upon
installation of emdebian-tools?

I have to do something like that for the pbuilder chroot scripts anyway.

The pbuilder chroot (empdebuild) is now functional but the problems
with gcc-4.2 in Debian make it very difficult to use within a pbuilder
environment because our out-dated toolchains keep getting removed by
apt-get build-dep. Trying to work around that has only led to apt
reporting E: cannot satisfy build dependencies for foo. I'm trying
pinning now to see if that can help but the real fix is to get gcc-4.2
(now the default in Debian) to build on arm and then build the gcc-4.2


Neil Williams

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