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Gtk+ for Emdebian - blocking packages

There are five main blockers for Gtk+ in Emdebian (where have I heard
that line before?)

libxau6, libxdmcp6, libfontconfig1 fontconfig-config and gnupg.

libxau6 blocks: libcairo2, libpango1.0-0, libx11-6, libxcursor1, libxfixes3, libxrender1

libxdmcp6 blocks: libxext6, libxi6, libxinerama1, libxrandr2,

gnupg blocks: libgnutls13, libopencdk8, libcupsys2

libfontconfig1 blocks: libfreetype6, fontconfig, libxft2

In addition, I'm not sure about a replacement for defoma which depends
on perl which although big enough itself, also brings in libdb4.4 and
libgdbm3. defoma would be needed for the various font packages.

All other dependencies of Gtk+ are already available in the Emdebian
ARM target repository.

The ongoing issue with libgcc1 and libstdc++6 is also blocking Gtk+.

During the building of the existing packages, one bug has been found in
dpkg-cross related to dpkg-shlibdeps (due to be fixed in 1.37 this
weekend) and two bugs have been found and fixed in emdebian-tools
(dh_shlibdeps in CDBS and emlocale with epochs) (0.2.1 due for upload
to Emdebian this weekend also).

The blocks are packaging issues - if anyone fancies checking for
existing bug reports against these five and working out if there is a
way of getting them to cross-build, please do so and post here.

If you do find existing bug reports, please tag them with the
usertag:crossbuilt (use user=codehelp@debian.org to keep all these tags
in the same place).

To add new tags, send an email to request@bugs.debian.org with a content like this:
user codehelp@debian.org
usertag <BUGNUMBER> + cross-built

The current list is here:

(Feel free to use that username, it's only for tags and I'd already
tagged some before realising that it may have been better to use the
list email address.)

Overall, it's not too bad to have only 6 source packages that fail to
cross-build without more than a quick edit of debian/rules and a few
debian/foo.install files. Having said that, only a handful of packages
(all CDBS) have so far built first time after running emsource.


Neil Williams

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