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Re: Problem about install cross compile tool on lenny

On Sat, 5 May 2007 23:17:42 +0800
"Kun Niu" <haoniukun@gmail.com> wrote:

> I found that most tools on emdebian are suitable for nokia 770.

Now that is interesting - and encouraging.

> I want to cross-compile qtopia-4.2.2 on my Debian system.

That will be a challenge - I want to prepare GPE for Emdebian but there
is a lot to do before that is possible.

We both need the same rootfs, we both need certain fundamental
libraries and packages cross-built and right now, almost none of that
work has been done. It is certainly not just a case of getting the
source and rebuilding.

> Do you know any other tool which I can use to compile the source on debian
> package list?

You'll always need a cross-compiler but you don't have to use
emdebian-tools, dpkg-buildpackage -a ARCH is what you need to
cross-build directly.

The problem then is dependencies. It's not a simple case of rebuilding
qtopia - you will need to rebuild all the qtopia dependencies and you
will probably want to change some of those dependencies to make them
more sane for an embedded device compared to the Debian default.

Outside Debian, openembedded use a different cross-build that may or
may not be workable for you - I have tried to build GPE under OE many
times and have had failures at different points each time, no success
so far. OE uses 'bitbake' and builds the upstream source, not the
Debian source so what you may learn in OE is not directly relevant to
Debian or Emdebian - except that some OE patches against upstream may
be useful in the Debian package later but may well need to be tweaked.


Neil Williams

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