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Re: Toolchains updated, tools ready.

2007/3/27, Neil Williams <linux@codehelp.co.uk>:

gcc-3.3 appears similar but isn't yet confirmed. As such, gcc-3.3 still
shows as outdated but in reality, we are unlikely to be able to build
the newer version which is not actually in the Debian pool for all

gcc-3.3 is *not* same case as gcc-4.0
I fixed that problem last night. So i have to find some time to
re-build all arches gcc-3.3 cross toolchains. :-)
It will be at the emdebian pool sometime soon.

For the rest !! Smells good to me !!
I also have to find sometime to emdebianize my first package. :-D

Héctor Orón

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