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Re: emdebian-tools 0.0.2

On 2007-01-07 16:56 +0000, Neil Williams wrote:
> Current SVN (r410) holds a fairly complete set of emdebian-tools
> scripts and I'm preparing for a 0.0.2 release and upload to Debian
> unstable.
> i.e. it needs testing!
> :-)
> Does anyone fancy being co-maintainer in Debian?

I'm happy to co-maintain, although until I've finished moving house
I'm not going to be much help. I can do bad perl if required :-)

> The result of emdebian-tools is that a new Emdebian developer should
> only need to do:
> $ sudo apt-get install emdebian-tools
> $ emsetup --verbose --simulate
> # check that the output is acceptable, nothing changed yet.
> $ emsetup
> If ~/.dpkg_cross/cross_compile isn't fully configured yet, (hint in the
> manpage), then emsetup requests the use of --arch to determine the
> target architecture:
> $ emsetup -v -s --arch m68k
> # check that the output is acceptable, nothing changed yet.
> $ emsetup -a m68k
> I'm thinking that a wishlist bug against dpkg-cross could be handy so
> that dpkg-cross maybe uses debconf to ask the user for a default target
> architecture. emdebian-tools can't configure cross_compile itself
> because that conffile belongs to dpkg-cros

Agreed. The first thing I do after installed dpkg-cross is set a
default arch so I don't have to keep typing --arch everywhere.

A few users will be changing all the time, but many, probbaly most,
will have one target they are usually aiming at. 

Sterling work there Neil. OK everyone - time for some testing. 

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