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Re: Why are we cross-compiling Debian?

My two-penn'orth:

Having sweltered under debian and various emb-offshoots for a few
months, my own impression is that, given openembedded as a valid if
crufty existing effort in the minimalisation department, the most
profitable efforts would be to modify Debian itself, rather than
propose yet another cut-down Debian-alike in the following directions:

- continue splitting existing packages into foo and foo-doc, as has
already happened to a lot of them. This reduces arch-dep build
dependencies and executable package bulk in one go.

- enable people to create cpu-variant-specific repositories of their
own easily, which users can then include before the main repos in
As long the repo mainteners (or their buildd) keep their specialised
repos up to date the apt system will give users the cpu-specific
binaries, falling back to the main repo there they are out of date or
not supplied


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