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Re: Stag and the Emdebian composite method.

On 2006-11-29 21:58 +0000, Neil Williams wrote:
> I've been looking at how I can start building emdebian packages -
> starting with libglib2.0-0 - and as part of this, I've been taking a
> look at Stag.

> 2. The Stag scripts use the emdebian/ directory ($DEBIAN_DIR) method.
> If I've read the emdebian stag-addons SVN code correctly, removing the
> need for $DEBIAN_DIR and emdebian/* has removed the need to modify the
> bulk of the debhelper scripts modified in Stag. 

That is correct. If you read the original stag paper it doesn't use
emdebian or debian_dir at all. It just has modified files in /debian
directories. (and uses the -arch features of dpkg )

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