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Re: Slind user/pass

>> root::10933:0:99999:7:::
>> AFAIK, this means that root user has no password as it should be.

>Exactly, and that is the behaviour I've always experienced.
>How do you try to log on? Via serial?

Yes, I try to log via the i.MX serial ports.

>Are you sure you did not modify nfsroot at all?

I made two modifications to nfsroot, but don't think these should interfere with login process:

a) I added /lib/modules/<my kernel string name>/... where I added the kernel modules

b) I added /dev/ttySMX0 & /dev/ttySMX1 which major number 204 and minor 41,42 which are the device nodes of the i.MX serial ports. I also removed /dev/ttyS0 and ln'd it to /dev/ttySMX0 as I was getting errors saying "Bummer can't open /dev/ttyS0". After doing these changes, the login screen appeared, not before.

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