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Wiki changes and discussions at LinuxWorld Expo

Whilst Wookey and I were at LinuxWorld Expo this year, various emdebian tasks and problems were discussed with other Debian developers. I've tried to document an overview of the consensus reached during those discussions on the Wiki and now's probably a good time to take the ideas to pieces.

Both documents are quite long so I hesitate to post them here in their entirety. The summaries here are not intended to be complete.

My own plans for what I want to achieve from the cross-get script and other associated scripting tasks.

$ apt-get source foo
$ cd foo-1.2.3/ && empbuild
	patch debian/ from emdebian svn,
	get dependencies: apt-cross (cross-get using dpkg-cross)
	debuild (note: patch is run before debian/rules)
$ cd /opt/pbuilder/emdebian/
$ dput emdebian foo_1.2.3-1em1_arm.changes

My summary of the LinuxWorld Expo discussions.

An abstract could be:

New: Composite method.


1 Use of an appended emdebian version string with the 'em' prefix and a sequential digit as well as a distinct file suffix: .mdeb

Example: if epoch = 1, upstream version = 2.3.4, debian version = 5, NMU number = 6, emdebian version 7, built for emdebian on arm:


In common with Debian versioning itself, the emdebian version resets to 1 each time a new package is available. Emdebian considers Debian as upstream so a new Debian version is still a new package as far as emdebian is concerned.

  This achieves three distinct ends.

1. Separates the emdebian archive files from other Debian archives and associated files being built from the same source tree on the developer system. 2. Identifies the archive as an adapted, stripped out, archive that is not necessarily compatible with any other .deb or .udeb files or programs. 3. Allows emdebian developers to have a version number that is independent of the *full* Debian version string.

See also: Ideas for collaborative maintenance of emdebian packaging.



Neil Williams

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