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Re: [off topic] backup sync

On 22/10/06 02:31:17, Junior wrote:
Hi all,
This is a bit off topic but perhaps someone could help.
I have an external usb drive I use for backup

So there are no embedded devices, as such, involved in this? Just usb-storage? Is the USB drive a PDA in it's own right or just a block device? Will the unit be able to change any of the data when not connected to a host PC?

and because I have
duplicate machines at two locations I couldn't find a backup script to suite my needs.
I would like to a script that will sync by usb drive to my machine at
location A first. Then when I get to location B sync machine B to my
usb drive. When I'm done working on machine B, do the reverse.
Is there a way to do this cleanly? I'm looking for commandline



Neil Williams

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