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Re: building cross compilers

Thiemo, i have updated it for multiple arches and now it is able to find right path for some packages, like libc6 or libc6-dev. I'm testing it right now.

It would be good to work with one copy of the script, what do you think? Is it ok for you to have it at emdebian.org repo?

2006/9/28, Thiemo Seufer <ths@networkno.de>:
Hector Oron wrote:
> Hello,
> compbuild and tchainbuild (Thiemo's Seufer script) have been uploaded to
> Emdebian SVN.
> I've been playing arround a little, but i can't make them work, at least not yet.
> I'd like to encorage you to take a look to them and try them, it is kind of fun.

I have a slightly updated version of it which fixes some corner cases.


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