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Re: additions to dpkg-architecture


There some tools/project who help to rebuild source pacckages, a bit
like gentoo.


Debian From Scratch (unlike LFS they use source packages and not

About naming policy for cpus arch, I think like others that's not needed
yet in debian, but can be adopt in emdebian, for few packages, to host
packages which make sense to be build with "cpu depending compilation".
I think mostly about multimedia applications and as Pjotr proposed libc
& friends. I understand libc & friends as
kernel+uclibc(+uclibc++)+busybox and probably building toolchains.

Pjotr wrote:

>Also, it makes a perfect sense to compile libc & friends with subarch
>optimizations for all of us. Otherwise it should be a site-specific
>policy which packages to aggressively optimize, e.g. for
>routers/bridges and web-servers.

I'm agree with you. That's can be usefull for others project like the
i386-uclibc team, AGNULA/uDeMuDi and probably some companies.

Alexander wrote:

>At least we could all have something interesting to
>discuss aside packaging mplayer.

As I proposed that can be an emdebian specific policy.

Best regards

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