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Re: dpkg-architecture adaptations for e.g. uclibc

+++ Volker Grabsch [06-06-14 20:50 +0200]:
> Why not? Until now, I just heart about feelings .. about your feeling
> that it's and Martin Guy's feeling that it sounds good. Were are the
> facts? What are the real problems that may arise when adding more CPU
> types to dpkg-architecture? What are the counter-arguments that make you
> think it won't be acceptable?

<lots of good stuff>

I agree with all of that Volker. I think you put it very well. Would you
care to forward it to the dpkg maintainers (with a link to this thread or
some more background)? (not sure if there are any reading this list...) And
a post something like that needs to go to Debian-devel to see if there is
any consensus there. That would need some more background on why this

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