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Re: Debian Mini-distro: how to recompile base-system and remove Java?

On Mon, 2006-05-29 at 13:49 +0100, Chris Boot wrote:

> I'm starting work again on a thinned-down version of Debian I call PicoDebian. 
> The idea of this new version is to replace glibc with uClibc, and generally slim 
> down various packages to fit nicely in confined environments.
> I've managed to build several of the base-system packages already, mostly 
> forcing dependencies to be ignored as a start, but there are some that I'm not 
> entirely sure how to get around.
> For example, a huge number of packages depend on gettext. While I've installed a 
> local version from vanilla upstream source, this isn't good enough! The gettext 
> source package itself would be better, but requires Java related tools to build. 
> I'd rather keep Java and other such less-used stuff out of my distro, which also 
> means thinning down GCC so it no longer requires quite so much to build, and no 
> longer building Java.
> Can anybody give me a helping hand in building a basic base-system that I can 
> use to recompile other packages? How about removing all the Java dependencies 
> from gcc-3.3, gettext, et al?

This sounds a lot like what I went through when building Crocodile [1].
You might want to take a look at my DebConf 5 presentation [2] for some

[1] http://scratchbox.org/wiki/Crocodile
[2] http://scratchbox.org/~tsavola/crocodile-debconf5.pdf

There hasn't been much development on Crocodile during the winter, but
building Crocodile is being used e.g. to test the toolchains of new
Scratchbox releases.


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