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Re: Bug#341331: FTBFS for cross compilation

Nikita V. Youshchenko writes:
> > Nikita, still interested in fixing that for 3.4, or should we close
> > that as wontfix?
> It's not very likely that activity on cross stuff will be restored soon :(.
> However, some time ago, Wartan Hachaturov <wart@debian.org> agreed to take 
> the cross compiler packaging work. So I am readdressing this question to 
> him.
> Better to write on any futher issues on cross-compilers to 
> debian-embedded@lists.debian.org - several interested people are on-list.

that is difficult; bugs are seen on debian-gcc@lists.debian.org.
Please could embedded maintainers handling the toolchain subscribe to
debian-glibc and debian-gcc?


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