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Re: What are -cross and -dcv1 supposed to do?

> Hello all,
> I tried to build a cross toolchain environment from official debian
> sources (via the appended script). Everything works fine, except for
> one annoyance/strangeness:
> When converting the target libc package, dpkg-cross adds dependencies
> to tzdata-$ARCH-cross and tzdata-$ARCH-dcv1. But tzdata is arch:all,
> and of course dpkg-cross refuses to convert it. I worked around the
> problem by using equivs and ignoring it otherwise.
> I haven't found documentation what the -dcv1 are meant for (probably
> I looked in the wrong place). Any pointers?

-dcvN is part of versioning scheme implemented in dpkg-cross.
Idea is to increase N when incompatible change happens to tree organization
(such as recent /usr/arch-linux => /usr/arch-linux-gnu rename).

As for tzdata, there is 'removedeps' configuration parameter to handle such
Next dpkg-cross upload will have tzdata in default 'removedeps'.

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