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Re: arm cross tools for sid/etch

> Hi there,
> I've been using your packages from http://www.emdebian.org/ in my
> work and have found then very useful!  Thank you!
> However, the only packages that I can currently install on sid
> are the 3.3 packages.  It seems the 3.4 and 4.0 are not currently
> installable:
> g++-4.0-arm-linux: Depends: gcc-4.0-base (= 4.0.2-5) but 4.0.3-3 is to
> be installed
> I understand that its a lot of work to constantly update the
> packages in unstable.  I was just wondering what you policy
> on updating them was and when you think the next update might
> be?  I would be happy to provide assistance in keeping them up to
> date if you think if would help.  I am a debian developer, but
> haven't had experince packaging gcc/glibc before.
> Also, and this is question for the emdebian list I guess, are
> there any plans to put the core dev tools in debian proper?

Yes, please use list. I don't currently maintain cross tollchain packages - 
I currently don't use them myself, and don't have enough spare time to 
maintain things that I don't use.

Hopefuly Wartan (wart@debian.org) will provide updated packages soon.


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