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Re: qemu-user-static...

On 5/5/06, Dirk De Groen <ddegroen@erggroup.com> wrote:
The Emdebian CrossDebootstrap and QemuUserEmulation Wiki pages refer to a
Debian package named qemu-user-static, problem is that I can't find this
package in any Debian distribution. Any idea where I can download it or
how I can build a statically linked qemu.


The wiki pages above are part of a proposal to get a static qemu
package for cross-debootstrapping purposes. The patch that adds such
binary package was not integrated into qemu package yet (although most
related patches I've sent are already in qemu 0.8.0-3). So currently
you have to download and apply patches for both qemu and debootstrap
(see "Requirements" section in CrossDeboostrap page for debootstrap
and the notes at the top of QemuUserEmulation for qemu) and build
custom .deb packages for both.

As a side note, I'm working towards finding a way to avoid the
conflict between qemu-user-static and scratchbox (they both use binfmt
for the very same purpose). My plan is to extract the minimal
functionality from scratchbox necessary to cross-debootstrap and
package it separately from scratchbox, making both scratchbox-core and
deboostrap depend on / suggest this package. Once this is done, I plan
to send the patch to the scratchbox developers. This may take some
time, given that I'm doing this on my spare time and I'm still
learning scratchbox internals.

Anderson Lizardo

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