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Extremadura Embedded session update


The event is less than a week away, and hopefully most of the organizing 
stuff is ready. Much of this information is already on the wikipage[1], 
but in case you are not watching it as closely as I am, here's a short

The event will be held in hall of residence of the University of
Extremadura, which is located in Jarandilla de la Vera in the
Cáceres province. See "Where" part of wikipage for more information.
It's 240km from Madrid, and since almost everone arrives in the morning of 
12th, the kind people of Extremadura have organized a bus for us
to leave from the Madrid airport terminal 4 at about 13.00. We'll fill
in details how to find the bus as soon as possible.

What is still mostly unclear is the timetable and what we actually
want to get done there from our Agenda list. We arrive on 12th afternoon
and leave on 16th morning, it gives us three full days (or four nights
if you prefer), which is not enough to *everything* we'd like embedded
debian to be =). Therefor IMHO we should try to concentrate on issues
that need broad consensus or other decision making - since it tends
to be easier face-to-face than on a flamy mailing list.

Please feel free to update the agenda part of the wiki, or just press
reply =)

Eagerly waiting for next week,

[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEmbeddedWorkSessionExtremadura2006

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