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Re: Deciding new arm EABI port name

On Tue, Apr 04, 2006 at 12:09:11PM +0200, Pjotr Kourzanov wrote:
> >Thats unreleated to architecture strings. It's worth remembering
> >that compliler flags rarely turn O(n^2) solutions into O(1) solutions. The
> >linear max 5% increase will not solve the real big performance 
> >problems.

> *small* performance problems manifest themselves *big* way on *smaller* 
> systems. When you have to fit a distribution in 16 megs, even 5% counts...

If a clicking a button takes 5sec to react with default compiler options. 
With best gcc tuning options you'll achieve 5% reduction in processing 
time, and behold, the button reaction takes only 4.7 sec now!

Slow/Small systems do not really change this basic issue IMHO. However,
you have appeared to change the subject to *size* optimizations, which
I agree *is* important on small systems.

Multimedia codecs and games are ofcourse another story, as well as some
other places, I'm not trying to say that the compiler optimization is
*useless*, just that it often overrated. 

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