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Confirming Extremadura 12.4-16.4 Hackconf attendance

Hi everyone,

I've sent to everyone who has shown interest in Extremadura hackconf
a confirmation request mail. I've recieved 9 responses so far, and 
seems there will be space for everyone in 20 slots available.

If you are interested and haven't recieved the confirmattion request 
mail, please update the wiki page[1] (I get an updates of it),
or contact me directly. We need an confirmed attendees list by 

Also notice that the really nice people of Extremadura can handle
everything: Accomdation, food and flights within Europe - 
You don't need to worry that you can't afford to come!

In other news, we need to choose between
Creofonte building in Casar de Cáceres[2] and Yuste monastery,
as preffered location for the actual meeting. 


[1] http://wiki.debian.org/DebianEmbeddedWorkSessionExtremadura2006
[2] http://www.creofonte.com/

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