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Re: Embeddded Debian meetup @ Extremadura

Riku Voipio wrote:

> emDebian development is again a bit staganting. One option to fuel
> some fire is to have a worksession[0] at Extremadura[1][2].

> I would personally favour March 22-26/April 19-23, as this would let us
> have something to show at debconf for wider audience. If you have any
> preferences for timing, you get to vote by promising to do some things
> out of the list :)
> Please rise your hand ( _o/ ) or edit wiki[0] directly if you have
> interest in this happening, and I'll contact Extremadura.

This sounds interesting, I'd like to help. I'm just starting to get involved
doing embedded ARM stuff with Wookey.

I'm not a DD but am working towards it - I have a couple of packages up already.

Either set of dates are ok with me and I'd be flying from LGW.


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