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Re: using apt and aptitude for cross-building

Hi Didier,

> Charles Stevenson a écrit :
>     I've installed an nfsroot Sarge system for my mvme2300. I installed
> the cross tool-chain from EmDebian onto my workstation, then the
> kernel-2.6 source from the Debian repository. Cross

Well hopefully we can improve this too, but good work anyway finding out how
to do this.

>     Once you have this installed, I don't see the point with docs: docs
> dont reside in ram; they're
> on an inexpensive nfs-mounted disk. I understand the point about
> circular depencencies
> but there is no problem if your system is "dpkg-consistent". Of course I
> am speaking as a Debian
> customer, not as a developper!

Wel docs indeed do not reside in RAM, but a lot of people have systems running
from internal flash, which is not inexpensive and available in really big
sizes. If you need to get something in 64MB of flash, you really will like the
fact that you do not need to install 10Mb of docs or extra dependencies needed
to show those docs.



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