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Re: gcc cross

> gcc-4.1 is uploaded to experimental. as usual, I don't have checked
> anything about the cross builds :-(

I'm currently in process of updating cross-compile building stuff. It does 
not work yet, and the process is slow because of lack of free time.
If/when I'll get existing version working, I will hopely look into 4.1 as 
well :)

> could you have a look at #333922? Does it really make sense to split
> the source tarball into a separate package?

It may make sence in some form...   However the exact patch provided looks 
strange and incomplete. Maybe better first to ask submitter to explain 
which procedure of building cross-compilers he means.

I agree that making it possible to apt-get install something and then 
running a command to get cross-compiler for any (including non-debian) 
target would be good. However, the exact tech details are a topic for 
discussion. Maybe debian-embedded@ people will write more. I'm CC'ing 


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