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Wiki hacked?

Hi all,

I was cleaning up the wiki today from some automated spambot-created
accounts and this is what suddenly popped up in the window.

--21:28:39--  => `/tmp/testl' Connecting to connected. HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200
OK Length: 37,234 (36K) [text/plain]

0K .......... .......... .......... ...... 100% 43.71 KB/s

21:28:41 (43.71 KB/s) - `/tmp/testl' saved [37234/37234]

I'm so sorry if it was I who triggered this!  It must be some new TWiki
backdoor or something because this is the first time, while cleaning, it
happened to me.  I've seen other bisarre hacks but this one was new.

Maybe we should consider adding some manual activation step for the
account registration process or, at the very least, the TWiki


I'm sorry

Joachim Nilsson :: <joachim AT vmlinux DOT org>
+46(0)21-123348 :: <http://joachim.vmlinux.org>

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