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Post-sarge toolchain issue


I was looking what should be done with our toolchain packages (dpkg-cross,
criss-binutils, cross-gcc) after sarge release. And I faced the following.

In dpkg 1.13.2, the following change was made into dpkg-architecture:

    - dpkg-architecture outputs (mostly) correct GNU system names now,
      in particular this means that it will output "linux-gnu" instead
      of "linux".  You should use the new _ARCH_OS variables instead.

So now systems are named not 'arm-linux', 'powerpc-linux', etc, but
'arm-linux-gnu', 'powerpc-linux-gnu', etc.

This change also propagated into binutils package, which now calls systems
in similar ways. Same with gcc packages.

Looks that, to keep consistent with the rest of Debian, we will have to
accept this change. This means that:

- cross tools name will change - e.g. arm-linux-gnu-gcc instead of
- dpkg-cross will put libs and headers under /usr/arm-linux-gnu/ instead
of /usr/arm-linux/
- probably some other things I've not noticed yet.

Should I proceed this way?

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