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Re: cURL byte order

+++ ER [05-05-17 09:51 -0400]:
> Hi,
> Does anyone know how to change the byte order for cURL? I cross compile the library using arm-linux tools but when I look at the data, the bytes are in the wrong order. I'm using a little endian order but it seems like the library is big endian. 
> Does anyone know how to change this?
> Someone might be able to give me a better response than the curl list,  maybe??

Check the configure output (I assume it uses configure). It is presumably
running a test on the host at build time (which is one byte-ordering) then
using that. This test needs to be nobbled or run in a virtual target

dpkg-cross provides mechanisms to set variables and stuff, which might allow
you to override this test, I don't know. If not it needs patching.

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