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Emdebian workshop at Debconf5 (Helsinki, July 11-13)

There will be an Embedded Debian workshop at Debconf5. This is being held in
Helsinki from 10th-17th July. See http://www.debconf.org/debconf5/

I will be doing a short Demo on Embedded Linux aimed at those who are not
familiar with this area, but perhaps would like to understand more about
cross compiling, building small filesystems, and downloading images to
interesting hardware.

Following on from that will be a 2-3 day hackfest on Embedded Debian
working on using the existing tools to build real systems, examining
alternatives and future possibilites, such as the good bits from scratchbox
(CPU transparency), multi-arch (potentially a neat way to help cross-build),
debian-installer. Getting people from all these groups together in the same
room will hopefully produce some really good ideas about how best Embedded
Debian should progress, and get some more people enthused about the concepts
so we can make faster progress than our current glacial pace.

Quite a few interested people have already said they will be there. I hope a
few more of you will be able to make it too.

There are a load of other interesting talks and sessions during the week. It
should be good - it's just a pity I can only do 3 days.

I can't find the list of BOFs on the Debconf website unfortunately.

See some of you there,

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