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Re[2]: [miro@space-comm.com: Debian for Analog Blackfin DSP/CPU]

   Dear Riku,

   Thank you very much for the reply.
   The ADDS-BF533-STAMP development kit has 128 MB RAM and 4MB FLASH:
   This DSP is without MMU and maybe this will be the problem with
Debian Linux. Especially for 2 core version BF561 which is without MMU
   Maybe the version which will works very well with Debian will be
DSPs with MMU like BF535 and 2 core version BF566 which is with
integrated Ethernet, PCI, PPI, SPORT, HPI, etc.

   Best Regards,
   Miroslav Nachev

>>    I am using Debian from lot of time and now I must use uCLinux
>> (http://blackfin.uclinux.org, http://www.blackfin.org) because Debian
>> doesn't support Analog Blackfin DSP/CPU. Do you plan to port Debian
>> Linux for Analog DSP with one core (BF53x) and dual core (BF56x) ?

RV> There is allways plans :) However, uCLinux isn't currently supported,
RV> as most uCLinux systems have very limited resources, and even the
RV> basic debian installation will fill all precious space. It probably
RV> easier to get atleast started by using the uCLinux distribution, and
RV> if it doesn't seem to be right for you purposes, then look at porting
RV> debian for it.

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