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Re: ramfs

In message <[🔎] 4266A230.7060303@ti.uni-mannheim.de> you wrote:
> Hmmm, I don't know if I understand this right, however, it is possible 
> (at least on my machine it seems to work) to copy a filesystem image,

What sort of filesystem image? ext2 or so, right? But then this is an
ext2 filesystem image, not a ramfs image.

> say the file varfs, to
> /dev/ram (yes, this isn't a ramfs) and mount it afterwords like this:
> dd if=varfs of=/dev/ram
> mount /dev/ram /var

What you're using here is a standard ramdisk. This has nothing to  do
with a ramfs filesystem. You cannot build a "ramfs" filesystem image;
you  can  just  populate  the filesystem itself. You cannot copy this
"filesystem" to any storage device (except on a file by  file  base).
It just lives in the VFS cache.

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