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Re: dh_strip --dbg-packages=pkgname uses native objcopy

> > I do not know exactly how the strip thing was solved, but thinking
> > of diversions having a wrapper script for objdump is not what we
> > want either...
> There is a wrapper script in /usr/share/dpkg-cross/ that autodetects
> the  architecture of it's argument(s) and calls appropriate strip
> binary(ies). And dpkg-buildpackage wrapper adds /usr/share/dpkg-cross/
> to te beginning  of PATH.
> > I do not know how much work this would be, but what about piping
> > transparantly all the commands through a script that replaces all
> > the offending commands with the correct options? The biggest problem
> > to me seems to be actually find out when the commands are emitted...
> I think it's easier to add /usr/share/dpkg-cross/objdump that will do
> thing  similar to /usr/share/dpkg-cross/ strip. That should do the
> magic.
I'll try it this way.

Thank you guys for the fast responds!

Raphael Bossek

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