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Re: dh_strip --dbg-packages=pkgname uses native objcopy

Hi Philippe,

> > the last day testing the CVS branch result in couple fixes I'll
> > apply today or tomorrow. While testing I've found a problem occuring
> > with the dh_strip while using the --dbg-package option. dh_strip
> > uses here objcopy instead of arch-linux-objcopy. Any idears are
> > welcome!
> > 
> > Have some time to work on dpkg-cross at this moment so please
> > forward them to me. Maybe I can implement a first solution.
> Maybe a quick stupid hack, but it should do the trick (and solve
> similar problems, even supporting toolchains with a different naming
> convention) Export the CROSS_COMPILE prefix and make dh_strip use it
> as ${CROSS_COMPILE}objcopy. If it is empty (not exported by
> dpkg-cross) it will use objcopy otherwise the correct one...
This is not possible because dh_strip is not part of dpkg-cross and we
do not like to divert debhelper tools for political reasons.

An another idear ?

> The problem should be also solved using binutils-multiarch I guess...
Old discussion ;)

Raphael Bossek

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