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Re: cross-compiling

> Wha do you mean look at dpkg-cross? I've check the man pages but I'm new
> at this so I'm sure where/how to begin using it. Could you elaborate on
> this for me please.

dpkg-cross is a set of tools for cross-compiling debian packages, and for 
maintaining cross-compile environment.

Among others, it provides 'gccross' tool by Raphael Bossek, that is a 
wrapper for compiler calls, that processes command line and changes all -I 
amd -L flags to something appropriate for cross-compiling. This is one of 
the things you asked about.

Also, the rest of dpkg-cross could be useful for you, if things youy are 
trying to compile are available as debian packages. Then, to 
cross-compile, you may just install dpkg-cross, install dpkg-cross-ed 
build-depends (*), and run 'dpkg-buildpackage -b -axxx' (xxx is your 
target) to build the package. 

(*) in CVS version there is code that wrappes around apt-get to do this 
step automatically

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