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Re: OpenEmbedded

On Wed, 2005-02-02 at 10:42 -0600, Quantum Scientific wrote:
> Studying pbuilder now, which invokes debootstrap and apt.  Cdebootstrap seems 
> to be a more primitive incantation of debootstrap.  Also learning about 
> OpenEmbedded.

In my playing around with cdebootstrap and debootstrap, I've found
cdebootstrap a little easier to make custom file systems using its
--configdir argument.  debootstrap is hard-coded to using only the
scripts in /usr/lib/debootstrap/scripts/ where the script filename is
critical for operation. 

I've also used poldek from pld to build filesystems from rpm
repositories. Has apt-get's capabilities (dependencies resolution and
auto download) but has a wonderful interactive mode with
tabbed-completion for package selection. It can also locate the rpm
database outside the filesystem, which comes in handy when you get
small. Poldek is able to build a filesystem and the rpm database from
scratch without bootstrapping the database like debootstrap does for
debs. Poldek also allows for install excludes where you can specify that
files from certain directories are not installed like man, info,
locales, etc. 

I'm no expert here on either packaging system but I do know that
debootstrap forces dpkg installs because of initial dependency problems
where poldek does not.

I've got customers using poldek for embedded system development using
Fedora rpms. I seriously considered using it also but didn't want to get
involved in finding the rpms that Fedora doesn't have. Hooking on the
Debian repository is soooo much easier.

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