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Hello Carl,

> Has anyone tried OpenEmbedded?

Yes I have. And basically I can say it works. But is pretty hard to setup. The
initial setup is ok, and nicely explained on their wiki. And luckiley their
cvs snapshots are working again too (bitkeeper closed source versioning is no
good...) Unfortunately the building of the images and packages breaks very,
very easily. Sources disappear from servers, are not mirrored anymore, the
patches don't apply anymore. Basically one small error can fuck up an 6-7 hour
build on a fast machine. (This is on my dual Xeon 3Ghz workstation with 1GB
RAM, on my old AMD XP2800+ it took about 12h to do something similar for
another device). Anyway before you have one working build you spend about 3
days, and after that you have to be very careful about updating, because you
risk to break the builds again. But I think it is one of the best things that
are available for the moment.

> Seems Wookey has used it for ages, and the Familiar project has adopted it now.

As far as I know Wookey has been using it, but is not very enthousiastic about
it. But I cannot speak for him, but this is the impression I got. Familiar has
indeed adopted it for building their distribution.

I haven't found out yet how they decide which packages are included in their
builds, but I preferred to work on Emdebian stuff, so we can finally start
thinking about building something. It might be documented somewhere but I
haven't got time to find everything out.



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