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Statusreport on apt-get wrapper (gcc-*-base-arch-linux missing ?)

Hi Nikita,

as you know I try to get apt-get working for foreign architectures. I could
get a first version of apt-get working on installing PowerPC packages with
dependencies on a i386 using dpkg-cross to install them. This version is not
ready for every day usage.

Here a list of TODOs follow as next:
 * More careful proceeding of package status information.
 * Better proceeding of Packages files downloaded by APT.
 * Support for deinstalling cross-packages using APT and dpkg-cross.
 * Make `aptitude' happy about the cross-packages.
 * Install cross-compiler while foreign GCC/BINUTILS are mandatory.
 * Make apt-get -b (maybe apt-build) working.

While testing I recognised that gcc-3.4-base-powerpc-linux is not build for
a PowerPC cross-compiler. Is this a bug? There a packages depending on the
gcc-*-base package. I do not know for witch architecture this packages
contains usefull files but for PowerPC it is more or less empty. I put for
now "gcc-3.{2,3,4}-base" in `removedeps'.

Raphael Bossek

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