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Re: FIX: gcc-3.4.2 cross-compiler for PowerPC

> > I've discovered today a little problem while creating a PowerPC
> > cross-compiler on i386 for gcc-3.4.2. The fix is easy and
> > comprehensible. See atached diff. I hope you will review it and
> > post a bug report against the gcc packages. Thx!
> Hmm...
> I've did the same fix long ago, and it was in the packages at least for 
> some time. Or that was in 3.3 ?..

This fix is present in both gcc-3.4-3.4.3-6 and in my current 3.4 tree. You 
probably had some old version.

However, the fix was missing in my 4.0 tree - adding it there. Than you for 
moving my attention to it.

Some status information.

3.3 is ok for all targets.
3.4 was ok until very recent, but currently has problems on ia64 target, 
because of that new libunwind issues. Matthias decided to build libunwind 
from sources during gcc-3.4 build on ia64, and currently libunwind fails 
to cross-compile because it builds and runs a tool on package build, and 
does not handle cross-build situation properly.
4.0 built ok for several targets, but still is highly experimental.

About x86 target: it is ok in 3.3, but fails with 3.4 because 3.4 tries to 
build multilib x86 compiler (for i386/amd64), and setting up proper 
cross-multilib environment is not currently possible because of ugly 
organization of amd64-libs and amd64-libs-dev packages (instead of 
creating multiarch environment,.they just divert lots of files from 
linux-kernel-headers and libc6-dev). Since there are hopes that after 
sarge debian will start to do proper multiarch infrastructure, I decided 
to postpone any futher work on this issue until then.

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