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problem with MX21ADS board

Hello, I am trying to use emdebsys in order to create a root filesystem
and a kernel for the new i.MX21 processor of Motorola.

I have an mx2.config file but I cannot find this board in the related
menu of this ARM architecture. 
In the mx2.config file there is a line like this:


but when I load that mx2.config in emdebsys, the architecture is not
recognized (it recognizes EBSA architecture instead..)

So my question is how can I add these architecture to emdebsys?
Is this the correct place to make these questions?
I have been reading Emdebsys documentation and surfing through the cml
files but I could't find any solution about that. What I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

Diego Municio García

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