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cross-gcc patches

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After a delay that was longer that I hoped, I continued my work on 
cross-gcc patches.
I'm attaching the results.
Gcc-3.3 and gcc-3.4 are now almost in sync.
3.3 builds for all debian linux targets
3.4 still fails for sparc target, but builds for all other debian linux 
Most of reported issues are fixed. I first wanted to fix all known issues 
before submitting the patches, but this as usual takes more time than 
expected, and current status of cross-compiler building is bad (e.g. in my 
previous patches 'cc1' got lost from packages, etc).

I also have some questions. Probably I should ask somewhere else, in this 
case please tell me where to forward the questions.

1. Some binary packages built from gcc-3.[34] sources, do contain symlinks 
to files provided by packages they don't depend on. This is on multilib 
targets - gcc has a symlink for 64bit libgcc and does not depend on 
lib64gcc1, libstdc++-dev has same relations with lib64stdc++. Isn't that a 

2. What is the correct file location for multilibbed targets? For s390, I 
put 32bit libraries to /usr/s390-linux/lib, and 64bit libraries 
to /usr/s390-linux/lib64 (and currently I do the same in dpkg-cross) But 
gcc-3.4 makefiles try to use /usr/s390x-linux/lib64 for 64bit libraries. 
So I have to move files in debian/rules2. Is that correct?

3. I'm having bad time with gcc-3.4 sparc multilib target. Current 
debian/rules.conf contains code that changes TARGET_ALIAS from sparc-linux 
to sparc64-linux. But this causes unwanted side-effects (such as attempts 
to use 'sparc64-linux-as' instead of 'sparc-linux-as' as assembler; that 
fails because there is no 'sparc64-linux-as', so it falls back to 'as'; 
that also fails because 'as' is native and can't process sparc assembler. 
Also, files go to /usr/sparc64-linux/... instead of /usr/sparc-linux/...)
If I comment out TARGET_ALIAS change, buld fails with
In file included from ../../src/gcc/libgcc2.c:56:
../../src/gcc/libgcc2.h:81: error: no data type for mode `TI'
../../src/gcc/libgcc2.h:82: error: no data type for mode `TI'
make[4]: *** [libgcc/64/_muldi3.o] Error 1
Before I go deep into upstream code, I'd love to get some advice from 
somebody who has better understanding of what that means and how things 

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