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Re:migratting linuxap to emdebian?

Hello Benjamin,

No problem. I will help you. I was working on the wire-less tools package
anyway when we were in Bordeaux. I just got back from my holiday so I am
slowly catching up stuff. Busybox is already done ( I have a new updated
package which compiles with more toolchains than the earlier one, but I still
have to put it online, this will happen when I finished the re-install of my

Quoting Henrion Benjamin <bh@udev.org>:

> Hello,
> Does someone can help me to make some first packages for the small
> linuxap distrib :
> http://bh.udev.org/filez/wireless/LinuxAP/tarfiles/

So just mail me for further working on the relevant stuff. Take care to use
adress as this is my new e-mail adress because the other one will expire in



PS: Do you know more about the LOM and the LCD's?

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